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Rydeman Jack

Author, Royal Navy officer, farmer, Defence industry contractor and general raconteur!  

This is his personal web site, where he hopes that you’ll find all of the information you need.

Reviewed January 2019

Author of: The Divine Sea

An Englishman, Jack Rydeman is arrested at home in Florida one Christmas and taken to Lee County Jail.  Nobody tells him why.  He escapes from the nightmare into memory: his youth, life in the Royal Navy and his great loves then.  But something else is going on. Something strange and mystical.

The Divine Sea tells of life afloat and Rydeman’s quest for his true love, prophesied days before his 18th birthday.  It meets his expectations, for his dreams are precognitive, but other dreams recall a previous life and its violent end in war. Imagery surges in waves, like the concepts revealed as the story unfolds.  Is the universe more than time and space?  Are fate and freewill reconciled within it? Does Karma have a mechanism?  Is there meaning to life?

The answers are all yes.  Absolutely yes, and The Divine Sea proposes how it works,  This will rock your world.

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