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Reviewed January 2019

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GX rated it on - It was amazing.  “The Dragon and the Moon” is a work of remarkable virtuosity. A story of future war, it goes far beyond that premise, to embody powerful concepts like the nature of sentience, the mysterious fabric of time, an elegant re-imagining of physics, and so much more. It's wonders literally reach to encompass the universe, and along the way illuminate much of the human soul in colors of courage, honor, passion and the many subtleties of strength and weakness.

Rydeman dovetails the book with his fine earlier novel, “The Divine Sea” in a way that adds additional depth to the experience of this story, though familiarity with that book is not necessary to be caught up in the powerful rush of this one. He presents a future military with the confidence that only a military man could master, and when the long, breathtaking battle that roars across the latter part of the book is fully engaged, it is impossible to pause. Rydeman deftly weaves together hundreds of moments using a kaleidoscope of characters, alien, human and AI. There are astonishing moments of revelation, linking cataclysms of the soul to a ravaging of the solar system gripped in a paroxysm of battle.

I saw things in this book that my mind has never dreamed. “The Dragon and the Moon” will expand your capacity for awe, and leave you astonished, satisfied, and deeply hungry for more.

C&OW rated it on Amazon - Very, very odd but compelling reading, I couldn't put it down. Reminded me a lot of Asimov's Foundation Trilogy if it had been re-written by Douglas Adams.

Front Cover designed for the book by the award winning artist Alexander Preuss

The Dragon and he Moon is the first of a series which will describe the life following the final line spoken in 'The Divine Sea'.

It is the early 24th century and planet Earth is under blockade, for the solar system was never the empty resource people once believed it to be. It is occupied by others from elsewhere, others with whom the human race now fights the Third Reclamation War.

Human space stops at the Ring, a mega-structure encircling the Earth and built out of space-time condensate using technology which may now enable an effective challenge to the alien enemy. A young officer, Paul Strange, joins his regiment at Montgomery base in segment eighteen where, over the subsequent months, he will play a crucial part in the first great deciding battle of the war.

NB: Front Cover designed for the book by the award winning artist Alexander Preuss