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Rydeman Jack

Author, Royal Navy officer, farmer, Defence industry contractor and general raconteur!  

This is his personal web site, where he hopes that you’ll find all of the information you need.

Reviewed January 2019

Potted Life History of Jack:

Jack Rydeman (a nom de plume) is an Englishman, born and raised in Ryde, Isle of Wight.

He joined the Royal Navy at the age of nineteen and served for over eighteen years, during when his career progressed through navigation, qualification as a Warfare Officer and specialisation in communications, electronic warfare and intelligence.

He was recalled to service after 9/11 and served for more than three more years.

His work outside the Royal Navy had been as a self-employed contractor to the defence sector and most of his recent employment has been in support of engineering projects.

The Divine Sea was his first book, followed in 2017 by The Dragon and The Moon; non-fiction work of his has appeared in Royal Navy publications.

He has been married thrice and his two children, from his second marriage, live in Florida.

He lives in Spain, in an old stone farmhouse, deep in the countryside of Andalucia, where he farms almonds and olives in between writing strange books!

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