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Author, Royal Navy officer, farmer, Defence industry contractor and general raconteur!  

This is his personal web site, where he hopes that you’ll find all of the information you need.

Reviewed January 2019

Reference Photographs:

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HMS Aurora enters Taranto.  The Divine Sea, page 86. Jack Rydeman is about to get his leave stopped!

HMS Fearless being overflown by a Lynx helicopter. The Divine Sea, from page 145 onward.

The start of a Gibraltar Up The Rock race,  HMS Fearless in the background.

This picture dates from 1993.

HMS Illustrious sails from the Tyne in 1982, passing HMS Ark Royal still under construction. The Divine Sea, chapter seven.

 "Ken Morrison's Promotion Party"

A cartoon by David Black 1984.

Fearless backed away, releasing the other ship from her impalement to reveal an indented V of twisted metal in her side and an expanding, glimmering pool of refined oil in the water like a bleeding wound; pages 149-150.

The Five-barred Gate by Odello Marshall. This is a photograph of the actual print bought in 1984 and which Jack and Hanna discuss in The Divine Sea, page 419.

By coincidence, the concept of reunion with loved ones in the Elysian wheat fields beyond an old door representing death was used to stunning effect many years later in the film Gladiator.

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